How can I pay my rent?

Tenants can pay their rent online here or by cheque.  

Cheques must be mailed or dropped off at our office at 3048A Bloor Street West, Unit 1, Toronto, Ontario, M8X1C4.  If you are mailing payments, please allow time for postal delivery.

RentMoola allows for payments via credit, debit and e-cheque.  Our office strongly recommends the free e-cheque option as you may incur banking fees with other methods.  RentMoola also offers tenants the opportunity to set up recurring payments to alleviate additional tasks in the hopes of making tenancy worry-free. You can access RentMoola at Your email is your user ID. You are assigned a password to the portal during the setup process.  If you forget your password, use the Forgot your password? link to request a new password.

What If the Rent is NOT Received?

The steps that Real Property Management Service takes to resolve late or non-payments are consistent, but can be stopped at any stage. These steps include:

  1. Email / phone call to tenant – this is usually all that is required to find out why the rent is late, and to establish a commitment as to when it will be paid.
  2. Letter to tenant –This Landlord and Tenant Board Notice is automatically sent to tenants around the 4th of the month if the rent has not been received before then.
  3. If late payment of rent is a recurring problem or if the rent is severely late, Real Property Management Service has a duty to begin an eviction process.

Prompt Payment Discount

Your Real Property Management Service does have a process to apply a prompt payment discount of 2%.  Discounts may be incurred by tenants in accordance with the lease agreement, and provincial law, when rent is paid on time.