Real Property Management Service’s rental strategy is that a well maintained rental with curb appeal rents faster, yields the highest rent, attracts the best renters, and presents fewer problems for our tenants. Once a tenant moves in, we believe they are renting a home, not just a unit.

Periodic reviews and visits to the rental as well as routine maintenance are an essential part of this strategy.

Real Property Management Service only uses contractors who are licensed when required, certified as necessary, and who carry proper insurance. Additionally, Real Property Management Service gives preferences to vendors who have a history of being timely, providing quality repairs, and being safe on the job.


Initial inspection

An initial inspection is performed at move in. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that there are no visible issues that represent a hazard to a tenant, or that may develop into a hazard in the future. Any discrepancies found are shared with you, and a plan of action is established to correct them. Priority is given to habitability concerns.

Periodic inspection

In addition to an inspection that occurs when a tenant initially occupies the rental, and vacates the rental, periodic inspections are conducted throughout the year. These regular inspections are conducted to ensure that the rental remains in good order.

Emergency Repairs

What is considered an emergency? Generally, provincial or local laws define an “emergency” as anything that must be fixed immediately, so that a tenant can live safely in the rental. Some examples include:

  • No heat during winter months or air conditioning during hot summer months
  • Loss of power / water
  • Flooding
  • Clogged toilet when the unit only has one toilet
  • Security issues (damage from a break-in or from a natural disaster)
  • Legal notices from housing or city inspection departments

For emergencies, please submit a maintenance request through your Tenant Portal with as many details/photos as possible and immediately give us a call at 416-642-1404 for assistance.


Common things to check before opening a maintenance request
  • What to look for and link to video how to
Smoke/CO Detector won’t work when tested
Smoke/CO detector beeps softly on and off
No power to plugs or switches
Garbage disposal won’t work
No hot water
Hot water “TOO HOT”
Faucet or toilet leaks
Toilet or sink plugged
Heater Not Working
Dishwasher won’t drain
Refrigerator too warm or too cold
In the case of freezing weather
Frozen pipes
  • Leave cupboard and pantry doors open where pipes are with heat turned up. NEVER USE OPEN FLAME to try to thaw
  • Open maintenance request
Air Conditioner not turning on
Radiators heating problems
Bathroom Fan not working
  • Turn the fan on, check for pull by putting a paper tissue over the vent, if functioning well the paper should stay in place, how to video. If not first try removing the vent cover and cleaning the fan/motor
  • Commonly found in apartments are central fans that are not controlled in the unit or are always on, we have no ability to change the operations of these units. If you look behind the vent and do not see a fan, your unit is likely this type.
I am unsure if we have a problem
  • If you are uncertain about whether a repair is necessary, our property evaluation process is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.

Please submit maintenance requests through your Tenant Portal with as many details/photos as possible.  This allows maintenance to help determine the issue, the right vendor to hire and the correct repairs/parts needed in a timely manner.

Tenant damage:

You are responsible for any damage you cause to a property above and beyond its normal or intended use, failure to report problems and any false maintenance claims.