Application questions

How to apply:

All applications are processed online and can be submitted on a rental property

What do I need to apply online:

Each tenant eighteen (18) years of age or older must complete their own application and attach the following:

  • a current LETTER of EMPLOYMENT with employer signature or, if self-employed, a current Canada Revenue Agency – NOTICE of ASSESSMENT and
  • three (3) years of RESIDENTIAL HISTORY including CURRENT and PREVIOUS Landlord contact information.

I have a Guarantor what should they do:

All guarantors must complete an application following the steps listed above.

I don’t have 3 years of residential history:

You must have lived somewhere, please note

I don’t have proof of income:

Whatever information you submit will be considered

I have bad credit:

We encourage all applicants to apply, applications are processed based on a number of different factors

Do you accept people on ODSP/government assistance/foreigners/ disability payments/with no income:

Yes, We encourage all applicants to apply, applications are processed based on a number of different factors 

Can you tell me if my application will be accepted:

Sorry, we can not guess about the results of your application. I can assure you that all information you submit will be considered.

How long does it take to process an application:

Most complete applications are completed next business day, if the information is incomplete or we are not able to verify, the process can take more time as we try to confirm information. 

What happens next:

Applicants will be contacted once their application has been processed.

If APPROVED, an applicant will have 24 hours to sign the Ontario Standard Lease with Addendums and remit First Month’s Rent, Last Month’s Rent and a Refundable Key Deposit. An invitation from Rentmoola will be sent for the required payment.