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Real Property Management Services in Mississauga, ON, are particularly popular in the many living complexes.

Finding The Right Tenant In Mississauga, ON

Because Real Property Management Services has over 30 years of experience, our entire team is highly trained and knowledgeable and can promptly manage all aspects of your Mississauga, ON, property, be it a commercial property or residential dwelling – house, townhouse, apartment unit, full suite or condo.

The Difference Between Apartments, Condos, And Townhouses

Rental Property Management In Mississauga, ON

Although the words are often used interchangeably in speech, the terminology must be accurate when investing in a rental property. The most evident differences between an apartment, a condo, and a townhouse relate to the physical structure, the living space to shared amenities ratio, and ownership, liability, and maintenance.


Sharing walls, floors, and ceilings within a building, apartment tenants also share common areas and amenities. Because apartments are usually rented, the landlord is responsible for the cost of maintenance and homeowner’s fees.


Although a condo is individually owned, the ownership is restricted to the inside structure of the interior unit and not the land. The costs associated with the shared investment property and amenities such as a pool or gym mean homeowner’s fees are higher.


Sharing only an adjoining property’s wall, a townhouse is an individual living space. Ownership includes the structure and the land on which it is built, including the front and back yards. Because there are limited community amenities, the homeowner’s fees are reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) To Mississauga Condo Living Managed By Real Property Management Service

Rent Collection In Mississauga, ON

The comprehensive services offered by Real Property Management may leave you with some questions. We have a whole page of FAQ, but here are the two most common questions answered below:

How Does Real Property Management Service Make Sure Investment Properties Are Leased Quickly?

Property Evaluations In Mississauga

When signing up with Real Property Management, you can access decades of Ontario rental business expertise. Prospects are thoroughly vetted before renting out your property – credit and background checks, confirmation of employment, and rental history. That, together with our professionally drafted contracts, prevents a high tenant turnover.

With tens of thousands of properties in 300 locations on our books, we are also the go-to rental agency for renters. Not only is your residence quickly rented, but it also has quality occupants.

How Can Real Property Management Services Assist Property Owners in Mississauga, ON?

Property Maintenance Mississauga, ON

As North America’s largest property management company, you can rest assured that Real Property Management Services is well-versed in managing properties from rental to maintenance and everything in between. Our property management software keeps you abreast of what is happening in real time. Accessible anytime, anywhere, the online platform lets you rest easy knowing your property is achieving its goals.
Contact us today for more information on how Real Property Management can manage your Mississauga property.

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Real Property Management provides industry-leading solutions for all of your real estate and property management needs in the Toronto area. 

We are local experts with the resources and experience to help you earn more on your rental properties and successfully invest in the area’s thriving residential and commercial market.

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It doesn’t matter if you own one rental home or several, our goal is to protect and maximize your property investment. Using 30 years of experience Real Property Management has streamlined its processes to help rental homeowners maximize rental income while minimizing expenses and inefficiencies.

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We take care of all types of residential rental properties for our clients – houses, condos, multiplexes such as duplexes and triplexes, and even small apartment complexes. In addition, some Real Property Management offices manage strata/condominium corporations, institutionally owned properties, and commercial property.