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Posted September 7, 2023 by Name

Property Management Toronto 3D Virtual Tour Technology

Showing the property to potential tenants is one of the things that traditionally took up a lot of the property manager's or landlord's time, but with our new 3D technology, it doesn't have to be that way anymore. This kind of virtual tour just adds even more value to the best property management Toronto has to offer.

How Does a Virtual Tour Work?

With 3D virtual technology, we can create a high-definition picture of your entire house using a special type of camera. Then the images are presented on a revolving six-lens camera, which makes it appear that viewers are seeing the actual space in 3D. Essentially, you get a 3D model of the inside of the home, room by room. After the images are processed, potential tenants can do a "walkthrough" of the space without ever leaving their computer or couch. They'll have a really good idea of whether it's the right space for them, and they can do it all before they ever reach out to us.

3D Virtual Tour Saves Time and Money

With the best property management Toronto can offer, your potential tenants will have the opportunity to see everything in real time, including a walkthrough view, a dollhouse view, and a floor plan view. That way they get a complete picture of the space. By the time they've completed their virtual tour and reached out to us to see about renting the property, they'll know what they want and can move through the process faster. By saving time and effort for your property management company, the costs to you as a landlord or owner can be reduced, as well.

The Many Benefits of 3D Virtual Tour

A virtual tour using 3D technology can bring you and your property management team a lot of advantages. It's also good for the people who are looking for rentals, since they don't have to go out and see a lot of properties. If they need or want to stay at home, they can do that and still shop for a new place to live. It helps everyone who's part of the process. Another big benefit is that potential tenants can go back and do a "walkthrough" again, to look for ideas they have or questions that come up, along with placement of windows and more.

By being able to show your property to a wide market on a 24/7 basis, we give potential tenants more to explore. Plus, your property is more likely to get clicks if it offers a virtual tour, since anyone viewing the property can see all the details about it and move through every room with ease right from the comfort and convenience of their current location. To get your property rented quickly, a virtual tour is the way to go.

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