7 Ways to Prepare Your Rental Property for Summer

Summer is here, and it’s time to freshen up your rental property for the season. After a long and cold winter, summer is the time for movement and change. Many tenants choose to move and find their new home when the weather is warm and favorable. Also, many property owners decide to rent their property during the summer days when they can attract a larger crowd and show it at their best. Even if you have long-term tenants, summer is an ideal time for regular check-ups and maintenance. After all, it’s your responsibility to ensure your rental is up and running. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some excellent tips to help you prepare your rental property for summer!

Make a plan to prepare your rental property for summer

There are many things a property owner must know and take into account. Preparing and maintaining your rental for tenants is only one of the items on this list. So, we’ll cheat a little and start with a tip – make a good plan. If your goal is to rent your property in years to come, it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive checklist you can use again and again.

Take some time and make a yearly plan of maintenance. Consider both inside and outside of your property and timeframes (how often you should perform the task) and expected costs. This checklist will help you keep your rental investment in good order and ensure everything runs smoothly.

DIY approach or hiring a property management company?

Of course, this list can seem quite overwhelming. Even with one rental, there’s so much to do! When you have more than one or you live far away from your investment property, the task of checking the items on your maintenance list can become genuinely challenging.

If this is the case with you, it might be the right time to hire a property management company. Not only will they ensure your rental is in top-notch shape, but they’ll also save you a lot of time and energy.

#1 Ensure your rental is cool and cozy on hot summer days

On the other hand, if you prefer to manage your property by yourself, let’s start with something that’s a priority on the list during summer! The last thing any tenant wants to experience during the hot summer months is a faulty AC unit or HVAC system. Air conditioning may lose efficiency if not regularly maintained, resulting in lukewarm air and higher energy bills. And no one wants that!

#2 Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Talking about a safe and comfortable rental, testing your smoke and /or carbon monoxide detectors is an absolute must. It will ensure your tenants are safe and sound and also protect you from potential legal issues as a property owner. Sometimes, changing the batteries might be all the maintenance necessary. On other occasions, replacing your detectors would be a better choice.

#3 General repairs are necessary to prepare your rental property for summer

While you’re at your unit, it’s always good to check for repairs. Things get damaged or stop working over time, so performing a regular inspection is wise. Of course, sometimes there will be nothing to repair. On the other hand, sometimes you’ll have to invest time and money into fixing things. A leaky faucet or a pipe, loose cabinet, or clogged gutters all demand your attention and care.

However, upgrading your rental will require more planning and organization. If you plan to add a room or remodel your kitchen, ensure you prepare everything. Hire the right contractors and ensure you have all the materials you need.

Additionally, keep in mind that renovations can be pretty messy. That’s why experts at number1movers.ca recommend storing away your furniture and other items during the remodel. Your belongings will be safe and sound in a storage unit while you’re focusing on improving your rental property.

#4 Clean dryer vents in your rental

After talking about property upgrades, cleaning your dryer vents may sound anticlimactic. However, it’s more than necessary! Dryer vents prevent heat from accumulating or even causing a fire. So, if you notice that clothes take longer to dry or are hot to touch, it’s time to clean your dryer vents and remove this potential hazard from your checklist.

#5 Clean and declutter

If you want to prepare your rental for new tenants for the summer, there’s no better time than now for some cleaning and decluttering. Check out all items on your property and examine their condition. Throw away everything that is broken or damaged beyond repair. You can donate or sell all of the items you don’t want or need anymore.

However, if you plan to move some heavy or bulky furniture from one property to another, ensure you take all the necessary precautions. In fact, it’s best to hire furniture movers in Toronto to deal with the heavy lifting. Professional movers will ensure nothing is damaged in transport and help you avoid potential injuries at the same time.

#6 Check the doors and windows

The next important item on your list is inspecting all the doors and windows of your rental property. Check for gaps and other damage to ensure proper insulation. Apart from making your rental cool and comfy, repairing doors and windows will ensure that all the pests stay outside and don’t bother your tenants on hot summer days.

#7 Yard maintenance is a must

Last but not least, take proper care of the outdoor space. Mow and water the lawn, remove the weeds and fallen branches, and trim the hedges and shrubs. Fix the driveways and pathways if necessary. Your rental will look fresh and ready for the season.

Additionally, if you have some outside amenities such as a pool, gazebo, or porch, ensure they’re clean and ready for fun summer activities.

Final thoughts

Taking proper care of a rental property can be a challenging task. It requires a lot of your time, effort, and money. Not to mention dealing with tenants all the time! If you find it’s too much for you, we’ll be more than happy to help! We’ll ensure your investment is running smoothly and prepare your rental property for summer hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Preparation of Rental Property for Summers

How do I ensure my rental property is cool and comfortable during summers?

In order to give your tenants a comfortable stay during the hot weather, you must take care of the following aspects –

  • Get your HVAC checked and repaired (if needed)
  • Get the interior airflow and duct work analysed
  • Make sure your dryer vents are working fine

What is the most common complaint of tenants during the summer season?

With hot weather, comes an influx of bugs and pests. This is one aspect that most property owners are either unaware of, or overlook, only to repent later. Hence, an in-depth pest control is essential to prepare the property for summers. 

What is one of the most important aspects of house upkeep during summers?

As a landlord, you must ensure that the plumbing of your rental property is in top shape, since water is the most used amenity during this weather.